Could This Startup Predict Your Next Business Partner?

Five Labs quiz
Five Labs' personality quiz reveals not only much about you, but much about what you inadvertently share. (Image credit: Five)

Love taking personality quizzes? Want to find out which business magnate you most identify with?

Five, a startup based in Berkeley, California, has a personality tool for you. No, you won’t have to fill out questions or rate any random scenarios, because it already knows who you truly are.

According to Recode, the app gathers data from Facebook and takes the words you use in status updates to craft your personality. In my test, I was classified as inventive, easy-going, analytical, sensitive, and reserved. A pretty accurate assessment, in my opinion, but still pretty creepy, considering I didn’t answer a single question.

The test uses the classic Big Five personality test, which rates your personality based on certain attributes, namely openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

The team behind Five Labs wanted to use Facebook as its source for data, and show off how much data you’re intentionally–or unintentionally–releasing about yourself. Of course, advertisers can also use this information to market products that better appeal to you.

But Five Labs could also be used for a different purpose: to find your next potential business partner. The tool lets you compare yourself with other people who have taken the test. They won’t have to take any test since all the data exists, and you can see what traits you share and what differentiates you.

It even has the personality profiles of celebrities and other famous names, including President Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Obama personality comparison
The President is a lot more organized than I am. More outgoing, too. (Image credit: Five)

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