Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Still

The fight will go on, as a sequel for the Oscar-winning Chinese martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has been given the go ahead by the Weinstein Company to begin filming May of this year in Asia.

The sequel spawns from the fifth novel of the “Crane Iron Pentalogy” by wuxia novelist Wang Dulu. Female warrior Yu Shu Lien, originally played by Michelle Yeoh, will continue to be the focal point of the sequel’s plot. Although it‘s expected that some actors will reprise their roles, no announcements to the matter has been made. Still, producers are keen to introduce a new generation of heroes and antagonists.

Director Ang Lee will not be a part of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel and casting for the film will reportedly begin once a director is selected. On the other hand, the return of Wo Ping Yuen, the well known choreographer responsible for the captivating fight scenes in the original, is highly expected.

Based on the fourth novel in the “Crane Iron Pentalogy” by wuxia novelist Wang Dulu, the original Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon film was well received at the box office, raking in $213.5 million worldwide, almost half from the U.S. The success of the Lee-directed film was powered by the impressive performances and Yuen Wo Ping’s fight scenes. Crouching Tiger was later honored with ten Academy Award nominations, four of which the film won including Best Foreign Film.

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