Evelyn Lozada is one of only three stars of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” who have been on the program since the first season and she’s had quite a few moments of tension on-air. Below are five examples of the star unleashing on her cast mates to their faces and behind their backs.

A Non-Motherf–king Factor

Back when Tami Roman first appeared on “Basketball Wives,” Lozada admitted to the then-newbie that she dated Roman’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson — when the two were married. Lozada’s admission that the pair dated for six months and slept together twice led to a heated argument that resulted in Lozada shouting to Roman, “You are a non-motherf—ing factor, b—h!” before they nearly came to blows.

As for Lozada sleeping with a famously married athlete one viewer said, “evelyn was dead wrong and got what she deserved…”

A Brutal Nickname Handed to CeCe Gutierrez

Last season, Lozada confronted CeCe Gutierrez over the latter’s claim that Lozada doesn’t work. Between that and Gutierrez’s nickname for her and former friend Jennifer Williams (Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber) cropping up, tensions boiled over.

“I have a problem with you, Lee-Lee,” Lozada said toward the then-newbie. The remark spurred a petition for Lozada to be booted from the show and one fan remarked, “I don’t agree with any type of racism and it has to stop. Evillin needs to go.”

Paying to Help Jackie Christie’s Estranged Daughter’s Son

During season 6, Jackie Christie‘s estranged daughter, Ta’Kari Lee, was raising money for her son, Jaxon, who was severely burned in an accident. With Christie and Lee’s relationship fraught, it appeared as if Lozada’s $3,500 GoFundMe donation — the last to trickle in — was a hit against Christie as if to show Lozada had done more for Jaxon than his own grandmother.

Demanding Draya to Eat It

During a season Lozada took off from the show, she reappeared to gossip with pal and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal. During the chat, Lozada took a dig at current cast member Draya Michele, who claimed she helped edit out an unflattering aspect of Meghan James’ body from Christie’s cognac commercial. An argument ensued, and when James said she saw Michele’s nude body on the internet other cast members felt things went too far.

“I wouda been like, OK, Draya, eat a f–king d–k,” Lozada said. “Eat the d–k that you was eating all over the internet, how ’bout that?”

Looking Like a ‘Crackhead’

Roman may be through with the reality show now, but she was often a target of Lozada. After Roman drummed up a rumor that Lozada slept with O’Neal ex, who was said to be Shaquille O’Neal, Lozada and Roman exchanged jabs. Roman claimed Lozada lied about her domestic abuse with then-husband Chad Johnson. Lozada then hit back by slamming Roman’s weight and saying, “You’re lookin’ like a crackhead these days.”

A Tami fan bulked at the dig and tweeted, “So talking about Tami’s weight and she’s a diabetic.. isn’t a low blow? Y’all blow me domestic violence isn’t the only low blow that was thrown out. #BasketballWives.”

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