A Virginian part-time EMT has been cleared of any wrongdoing after a state investigation into claims the white supremacist discriminated against patients.

Alex McNabb frequently co-hosts the podcast “The Daily Shoah” and on it, he has bragged about torturing Black patients in his work. When he does so, he uses the persona Dr. Narcan, which he has said is a satirical figure.

McNabb was placed on unpaid leave by his employer, Jeb Stuart Volunteer Rescue Squad, during a probe by the state Department of Health into his comments on the podcast. Such remarks included likening Black people to animals.

On Feb. 28, Ron Passmore, division manager for regulation and compliance at the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Services, confirmed to The Huffington Post that the investigation closed Wednesday. It is unclear if McNabb has been or will be reinstated as a paid employee of the rescue.

As for the moments at issue that led anonymous complaint to be filed against him in November, one mentions an unruly Black child who is afraid of needles.

“This young African-American male was there to get blood drawn, so guess who volunteered to take his blood?” he told his co-hosts in an October 2016 episode. “Dr. Narcan enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter.”

During that same episode, he discussed responding to an emergency call in a predominantly Black neighborhood, which he and other medical personnel deemed “Ebola Alley.” He also called a Black woman a “dinduisha,” a take on the slur “dindu.” That epithet combines the words “didn’t” and “do” to make fun of Black people who say there is inequality in the criminal justice system.

Plus, he compared that same woman to a “shaved” version of the famous Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe, who was shot and killed when he dragged a boy who fell into his enclosure.

Even the name of the podcast uses the Hebrew word for “calamity,” which is usually used to refer to the Holocaust.

During a meeting with the Board of Supervisors over the matter in December, McNabb claimed to be the victim of a “far-left” smear campaign.

“I want to make this abundantly clear — I am actually an entertainer,” he said according to CBS 6 while noting his remarks on his podcast are shock comedy and constitutionally protected political speech.

“This is about free speech, which is under assault in this country,” he said. “I will legally fight it. I’m not the first person who has done this.”

The legal fight doesn’t seem to need to materialize since he’s been cleared. Huff Post reported McNabb also addressed the findings on “Minds” saying he’d been absolved. He said, “Now, if it’s okay with you, I’m gonna go back to doing my f–king job.”

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