Did Sofia Vergara Really Go Pantyless?


“Modern Family’s” Sofia Vergara has been heavily on the radar on the awards show circuit this season. However, her underwear has become a little more newsworthy as of late. On the red carpet at Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Colombian actress told reporters she was misquoted when it was disclosed that she went without panties to the Golden Globes two weeks ago.

“I never said that!” Vergara shouted to the press room in the Shrine Auditorium. Her ‘Modern Family’ co-stars shouted  back: “Yes you did!”

Vergara destroyed many fantasies protesting: “I said they were Kmart underwear. No, I always wear underwear.” She clarified: “It is just that they are very tiny, and you could say there is almost no underwear, but they are underwear. But they are there!”

Examine more photos to determine if she had panties on or not.

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