Dr. Heavenly Kimes isn’t here for a fan taking a dig at her doctor hubby’s style of dress on the show.

The DDS recently took to the comments of Instagram to put a commenter in their place after they decided to criticize how Dr. Damon Kimes is usually decked out in scrubs during the couples’ confessional scenes.

“Dr Damon always in scrub my gosh,” an IG user said after watching last Saturday’s episode of “Married to Medicine.”

“@shiyanmc nothing wrong with a black man working!!! They wear blue scrubs at his office!… he does these scenes right after. Thank God he provides for his family. How about your man?” Dr. Heavenly clapped back.

Dr. Heavenly

Fans who caught the exchange readily applauded her.

 haaaa she kills me.”

 Y’all be playing with @dr_heavenly y’all should know by now she’s off limits.”

“(Phaedra voice) now check that.

“Omg I love @dr_heavenly

“Perfect response at least he’s working. And how about your man yup

“Girl you beta stop criticizing ‘Daddy’  and check the women that wear scrubs everywhere, like to the grocery store, kids school, Family Dollar, Walmart, nail shop, hair salon, beauty supply store errday. 

Dr. Heavenly has had to be pretty defensive of her husband on this season of the Atlanta-based medicine reality show. After Mariah Huq alleged she had proof that Dr. Damon stepped out on his marriage with Dr. Heavenly, the dentist went after Huq on Instagram.

“The truth always prevails! #TheDevilIsALiar and #Winning,” Dr. Heavenly captioned a photo from the filming of the season 6 reunion.

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