Drak and Chris Brown feudChris Brown is being sued by Drake. Drake is being sued by Chris Brown. Tony Parker is suing the nightclub where Drake and Chris fought last year. And, both entertainers are being sued by Entertainment Enterprises; the parent company of one the hottest Manhattan clubs, W.I.P.

Give it a minute to let all the lawsuits sink in.

The W.I.P. was the site of the bust up that occurred between Brown and Drake last year. Allegedly, insults were hurled, bottles were thrown, feelings were hurt and the damages were done. Now, those damages have to be compensated and everyone’s filed suit against each other seeking to absolve themselves of financial responsibility.

According to website Indian Express, in his lawsuit Parker alleges that the nightclub owners should have known that there was a rift between the ‘Take Care’ rapper and the ‘Carpe Diem’ tour star, and as a result they shouldn’t have let them in the same venue. The San Antonio Spurs player is seeking $20 million in damages, claiming he was injured during the brawl. Honestly, that premise for a lawsuit sounds a bit presumptuous and it’s doubtful that Parker will win anywhere close to that amount if the judge rules in his favor. However, the baller’s claim against the club has prompted management to sue both entertainers to recover any potential damages awarded to Parker. In an attempt to avoid paying any damages, Drake has sued Chris Brown, and Brown has sued Drake; each claiming that the other is responsible for any damages awarded.

Since this event happened so long ago, June of last year to be exact, why have all these parties waited to sue each other? Well, Tony was first to sue the club a few months after the incident happened. In addition to Parker’s suit, a few months after the fight model Romain Julien decided to sue the entertainers personally, claiming that he suffered injuries as a result of the brawl between the pair.

It seems like a legal free-for-all right now.

Drake and Chris Brown suedA judge will determine which entertainer is responsible for instigating the fight. It’s likely that both will have to shell out some cash to settle this complicated legal mess. Again, it’s doubtful that Parker will be awarded damaged anywhere close to the tune of $20 million. It seems almost offensive that he’d file a lawsuit seeking so much in damages. As a member of a former NBA championship team, Eva Longoria’s ex makes about $12.5 million per year; enough to cover any injuries he may have sustained being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who do you think is responsible for the fight? While Chris Brown is the obvious choice due to his frequent outbursts and hard to control temper, there’s no reason that Drake couldn’t have pushed Brown’s buttons over Rihanna (allegedly the fight started after Drake made comments about RiRi) and provoked the altercation. Is Tony Parker the biggest punk of them all for filing this lawsuit in the first place? Thoughts?


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