Drake has been known for a lot in his decade-plus rap career. Like being able to merge singing and rapping quite seamlessly, being an international heartthrob, and loving his hometown of Toronto.

But in recent years, fans have been picking at his seemingly everchanging accent. Although Canadian, many fans have began pointing out what seems to be a Caribbean accent used by the “Find Your Love” artist.

People had a lot to say after Drake was seen using a strange accent on video. (Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter)

It’s something that people addressed under a video of Drizzy showing off his outfit that costs close to $1 million at $979,000.

“Custom Brioni, you see the name right there. Like 11 [thousand] I think,” said the 32-year-old in the clip that surfaced on Wednesday. “Turtleneck Tom Ford, like a rack, no, two racks, trousers Tom Ford a rack, crocodile Tom Ford shoes $15 [thousand], chain custom progressive diamond link, Jason of Beverly Hills, like, $200 [thousand], Richard Meier RM 69750 [watch], and then two bracelets, one from my son and one that a fan gave me. It’s priceless, man.”

In the comments, as folks usually do, many expressed their love for Drake and said how much they admire him. Others, meanwhile, referenced the outfit and said they liked it but could get the same thing for way less.

But again, many of the comments surrounded the accent Drake used in the clip.

“I love that man lmao but if he don’t figure out what country he wanna be from. All these damn accents ,” someone wrote.

“The only mainstream rapper in history to change his accent and pretend like it’s normal,” another person stated.

“How much that accent cost?” a third person asked.

Then someone defended the “God’s Plan” spitter and explained why he spoke like that in the video.

“everybody in Toronto has an island accent 🤷‍♂️,” that person explained.

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