Dream Job, Dream Body: Bobette Gillette, BET’s Director of Corporate Relations

This BlackEnterprise.com series is to motivate business men and women to manage hectic professional/personal responsibilities with healthy and active lifestyles. Here, we highlight how a few inspirational people have done just that!

With the highly anticipated Black Entertainment Television (BET) Experience happening soon in downtown Los Angeles, this installment of Dream Job, Dream Body is highlighting an exceptionally accomplished and beautiful woman, Bobette Gillette, director of corporate relations at BET Networks.

Gillette manages corporate events, sponsorships and partnerships for BET Networks. In addition to generating visibility and creating opportunities for the network across industry events, she is also responsible for talent relations with BET’s internal talent teams on red carpet events. Sounds like a cool job. And with so many awesome responsibilities, I saw an opportunity to chat with Gillette about how she balances her work life and the journey toward staying healthy.

Gillette admits that she has more work to do to get in great shape, but adds that she does make strides to stay active. She says that she tries to take walks, go dancing and do exercises in her chair while sitting on conference calls in her office.

Gillette says that when she is away from her office, her favorite cardio workouts include aerobics, spinning, and anything that incorporates good music and dance moves. She dislikes indoor gym workouts on the treadmill or elliptical as she’d much rather be outside taking in the scene.

Everyone has come across barriers to working out and eating healthy. Gillette’s job affords her the opportunity to travel often and attend great events across the country. Unfortunately, many of those events bring great food and beverage temptations, which are hard to ignore. She says, “The biggest hurdle for me is saying no to the glass of wine or the rich plate of food that is put in front of me. I have had to learn to smile and say, no thank you.”

She also says that her son keeps her motivated. He plays basketball and particularly in the spring during his AAU practices, she finds herself having to wait on him outside of a high school gym. She uses that time to get in some laps around the track at the school or do some walking in the neighborhood.

When asked what advice she would give to the busy professional struggling to balance a busy work life and a healthy lifestyle, Gillette said that, “Keeping balance is hard. I fall off the wagon often but as long as you incorporate a little something into your everyday routine, you will be sure to keep your inner light shining and your external light bright.” What awesome words of wisdom from such a fabulous woman!

BE Health and Wellness contributor Deanna Jefferson is a celebrity trainer, health and ftness expert, NIKE trainer and owner of Fab Body Factory. Follow her on Twitter @deannajefferson.

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