Podcaster Joe Budden usually finds himself at the receiving end of the internet’s jokes.

However, recently the cultural commentator managed to escape the crossfire of the internet and land in the hot seat with his “State of the Culture” co-star Remy Ma.

Budden discussed the particulars of Nicki Minaj‘s recent retirement announcement on this week’s episode of SOTC and, of course, Remy, Minaj’s former foe, was the first person Budden directed his question to.

“How are we feeling about Nicki’s so-called retirement? Do we believe it?” he asked before turning to the “Conceited” rapper. Budden added, “Now she’s retiring, there’s more space in the woman rap game.”

Remy Ma
(From left) Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. (Photos: @revolttv screen grabs, @nickiminaj/Instagram)

With a straight face, Remy, who clearly was uncomfortable, shot back at the “Pump It Up” artist, “All right then, maybe now you should drop your album, b–ch. What the f–k.”

Although Remy never addressed the question, Budden posted the clip of her roasting him, writing in his caption, “Y’all can’t tell in this clip, but my sister and amazing cohost @remyma truly cares for and loves me. #SOTC”

Jo Budden
(From left) Eboni K. Williams, Joe Budden, Jinx and Remy Ma. @joebudden/Instagram

Several fans chimed in.

🤣 @remyma is that b–ch!!!‼‼‼ She don’t need to talk about other females Joey stop being messy”

“Remy is one if the FEW that can chump Joey like that…. sis is somethin’ else… and it’s so effin endearing. 🥰 like frfr

“Yo she roasted this nigga she’s a straight savage O man lol how you feeling Joey ?”

“Yesssss…I’m here strictly for Remy…..BOSSMOVES DAYUUMMM @joebudden drop yo album bitch

It’s no secret Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj are not friends and have fallen out in the past due to aspersions thrown at each other over the years. In 2017, Remy dropped “ShETHER” as a music diss towards Minaj, who responded back with the song “No Frauds.” Although, they’re not friends, the two no longer seem to have a beef.

As for Budden and Remy, they actually share a tight bond despite sometimes ragging on each other. Both hip-hop artists star on “Love and Hip Hop: New York.

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