There seems to be a good number of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s fans who just want him to act, be in movies and not talk about about social injustice.

Johnson received major backlash from many of his fans after the actor revealed that through his Seven Bucks Production Company, he executive produced BET’s docuseries “Finding Injustice,” which shines a light on the inequality in black communities. It also focuses on six injustices in six different U.S. cities.

Johnson first promoted the docuseries March 9 on Instagram before it premiered the next day, and the backlash came right away.

“@looks like the rock is falling into the media’s trap and becoming more and more left. Thought the rock was one of the good ones, 🤷‍♂️” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Really surprised the rock would post something like this,” another person commented. “There is no true social injustice, only what the media shows the people. Its 2019 not 1950s, let’s move on.”

Then when Johnson shared another post about the docuseries one day afterward, he received the same kind of negative feedback.

“Never thought I would unfollow the rock due to political agenda!” someone wrote under that post. “You can’t cry about being a felon or being in the system when YOU CHOSE to be a gangbanger and kill someone in your very OWN COMMUNITY! All these so called “GANGSTERS” cry police brutality when they are the ones.”

And more criticism came under a March 25 post about the series, where Johnson was called, among many other things, a “liberal tool” for being involved. But others encouraged the former pro wrestler and told him to keep pressing on.

“The Rock!!!!!!!! Don’t let these bum ass trolls bother you,” one person wrote.

“Thank YOU for this powerful show spotlighting injustice!!!” wrote another.

What many of Johnson’s fans may not realize is that his interest in addressing social injustice isn’t new and last year he spoke about Colin Kaepernick seemingly being blackballed by the NFL for protesting injustice by kneeling during pregame performances of the national anthem. Johnson said he “would either have knelt or raised my fist in solidarity.”

He’s also been critical of Donald Trump in the past.

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