If you haven’t noticed yet, the Los Angeles Lakers look pretty solid this year, which was shown Friday night when they beat the Miami Heat 95-80 at the Staples Center.

Dwyane Wade was in the crowd to watch his former team take on LeBron James and crew that night, which was the first time he watched a live NBA game since retiring last season. And Wade said watching the game served as confirmation that he made the right decision to walk away.

“As i walked into Staples last night to watch the @miamiheat vs @lakers i didn’t know how i would feel,” he wrote Friday on Instagram. “Being my first game watching live since my retirement. I can honestly say i didn’t have the urge to play last night. I know for a fact now that I am peacefully retired .”

Wade played for 16 years before retiring, and last month it was announced that he accepted a position as an analyst on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” where he’ll join Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’NealCharles Barkley and Ernie Johnson Jr.

After Wade posted his message, people had a lot to say about it and most seemed happy that he appears content.

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“Glad you found your peace man, live your life and thank you for making me love miami Heat basketball ,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“That’s dope bruh!! Officially an ambassador of the game! #Legend ,” a second person stated.

“You know when you know. They looked like they were working too hard. Yes bro, go enjoy yourself. #GoodForYou,” wrote a third.

But it seemed like there were some people who were holding out hope for Wade to come back, and they were disappointed that he’s OK with retirement.

“Sad to hear but have a great retired SIR. Well desired ,” one person commented.

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