It seems “Love and Hip Hop” actress Erica Mena added her two cents in her fiancé Safaree Samuels‘ beef with her ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz.

Samuels and Dollaz appeared to be trending on social media on Monday night after getting into a heated altercation during the March 18 “Love and Hip Hop: New York” reunion special, seemingly over Mena. The 31-year-old model had a good laugh at Dollaz’s attempt to fight Samuels.

Erica Mena
Erica Mena with Safaree Samuels, Rich Dollaz. (Photos: @iamericamena, @richiedollaz/Instagram)

She took to her Instagram story on March 19 and shared a video of Samuels’ sister mocking the 41-year-old music exec’s charge towards her fiancé during the reunion in slow motion.

“Look at me I’m running, please don’t hit me, somebody’s coming,” Samuels’ sister sarcastically said in the video while moving in slow gestures, mocking Dollaz . “Security’s not gonna stop us, oh my god.” Mena is heard cracking up in the background while seemingly recording her future sister-in-law.

The reality actress also uploaded a photo of herself from “LHHATL’s” season 7 reunion to her Instagram Story, with the words, “You fu–ing lying a– hoe. Don’t act tough now.” The post appeared to be shade at her ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana, who also exchanged words with Samuels.

Erica Mena
Erica Mena. (Photo: @iamericamena/Instagram)

“LHHNY” viewers couldn’t help but jokingly chime on Mena’s post.

“I’m weak cause Rich seriously ran in slow motion ! Gotta love Erica!”

“Rich really was running in slow motion 🤣 I wish he Joe n Cyn just leave safaree alone .”

“Erica is a whole fool  Rich knew the security men would stop him. Safaree was ready and Cyn need to stfu talking about she tough!”

Samuels seemingly nearly came to blows with Dollaz during the reunion after feeling like Dollaz had disrespected Mena by saying she was “however many fu–ing moons” away from the amount of women Dollaz had dated since he split with her. The New York rapper didn’t take the music executive’s remarks too lightly and made fun of the pants he was wearing, saying the trousers Dollaz was wearing were “way too tight” and “I don’t like seeing all them ankles that I’m seeing.”

Dollaz responded, “We doin’ that? Are we doin’ that?” moments before jumping on a table and charging at Samuels, landing in security’s arms.

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