Fed up with keeping calm, CeCe Gutierrez unleashed on Evelyn Lozada during a cast trip to Costa Rica on Wednesday night’s episode of”Basketball Wives“.

As the ladies sat down and had their first dinner together there, Lozada confronted Gutierrez over a rumor that she called the former “Livin’ Lozada” star a derogatory name.

“It’s nothing new,” Gutierrez began before letting Lozada have it. “That you’re a b—h, that you’re evil, that you can’t mind your own business.”

The proclamation stunned the cast, and while Gutierrez also took aim at soon-to-be daughter-in-law Kristen Scott, many viewers were stuck on her tearing into Lozada.

“I like how evelyn was so surprised that she got called a b—h! #girlbye dont act brand new.”

“Evelyn wasn’t ready for that 🤣🤣🤣

“LET HER HAVE IT @cecegutierrez4 ‼‼‼‼‼‼‼ YASSSSSS”

“Get ‘er together then Ms. CeCe! I’m here for it..f–k”
in bullies or so they would like to think *hmmp* 🥰

“Damn cece ain’t come to get bullied today period Pooh 🤷‍♀️

“Cece clearly knows martial arts and in martial arts you’re trained to walk away from conflict IF YOU CAN. So just because she walks away, Evelyn thinks she’s weak. It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for…Cece may just have been sparing these women. Plus, Evelyn was really gonna run up and sneak Cece?? What kinda punk ish is that? Girl bye. All that bark and the only bite Evilyn got is to try and sneak someone, throw something, or get involved when other people are involved…” another fan said in part.

Lozada has entered into fair share of mess this season. Co-star O.G. has aired out her issues with Lozada. She even deemed her a “racist bigot” after Lozada posted an ape gif when referring to O.G. in an Instagram Story.

“Nobody watches you harder than the people that can’t stand you,” read Lozada’s post.

Capturing it and responding on Twitter and her own Instagram Story, O.G. said, “And there it is.. Show your true colors you racist bigot.. You called cece ‘ling ling’ jackie a ‘cockroach’ & now me a ‘monkey’ may god take care of you well well..Evelyn lozada.. @vh1 not ok #iheartog #nigerianknockout #bbwla #vh1 #basketballwives #evelynlozadatheracist #boom.”

Additionally, O.G. openly backed petitions calling for Lozada to be booted from “Basketball Wives” and is rumored to be pondering filing a restraining order against her co-star.

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