Tamar Braxton’s celebration of love was derailed when a hater stepped in to command she fix her attitude.

The winner of “Celebrity Big Brother” season 2 uploaded a selfie to Instagram Feb. 28 remarking on her boyfriend — who is nicknamed T’Chella — immediately knowing she’s the one.

“He said I was the one since day 1” the star captioned the post.

tamar braxton
Tamar Braxton (Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Fans largely praised the photo and Braxton’s message.

“Wow yesssss this photo is Art.”

“Drop dead gorgeous🤗🤗 @tamarbraxton.”

“Nothing more beautiful than finding that one person who can give you butterflies just touching your hands @tamarbraxton so happy for you mama#live beautiful live

Then, things went left when a troll slammed Braxton for her “shady” ways and “a bad attitude” after being surprised that she follows the star on Instagram.

“She need to learn some ethics and have self love,” @ladyjnorthern wrote in part. “Maybe she won’t be so shady and have such a bad attitude. People actually admire her style and poise, however the beauty on the outside need to match her beauty within. God bless you sister.

tamar braxton

Followers of the singer wasted no time swarming in on the hater.

“@ladyjnorthern god bless you but your comment wasn’t needed Tamar and all us good over here mf‼‼

“@ladyjnorthern Give Me That ‘LADY’ BACK We don’t degrade other BLACK WOMEN! #GOPLAY”

“@ladyjnorthern you’re miserable.”

“@ladyjnorthern So much energy for someone you don’t like. Your page actually doesn’t have post. Which is odd… Tamar is being Tamar. I love her because she is REAL. She’s funny, talented does not care what people think. I think that is something to pay attention to….”

“@ladyjnorthern stop being judgemental.”

Throughout the frenzy, Braxton stayed silent. And while it’s unclear what led the commenter to make her remark, it’s worth noting that Braxton has done her part to make amends with her sisters after a pay dispute led family tensions to come to a head last year.

“Sometimes you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!!!” she said on Instagram in part last year. “Most of what you’ve seen on #BFV was LIES and clips put together with me acting a PLUM FOOL for ratings (believe it or not) and sometimes I simply was one. BUT what is FACTUAL is that it tore my family & sisterhood apart.”

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