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Fans Say Tommie Lee Has Potential to Be Successful Musician If She Stays Out of Jail: ‘Big facts’

Fans of former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee believe she could be a major mainstream artist if she could just stay on the right track.

Lee’s new year got off to a bad start after Georgia officials indicted her on multiple child abuse charges in January. To make matters worse, she was arrested last month after violating her bond by showing up to court drunk.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee attends the NCredible Dinner and ItsAMovie Listening Session at M Bar on March 21, 2017, in Atlanta. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)

Despite the celeb’s slew of legal woes, she’s still managed to cope with her issues by apparently putting her energy into music. Amid her current incarceration, on Monday Lee announced her new single “Pressure” this month.

In the song she raps, “Tell the little b–ch whatever which little b–tch got pressure we can get it poppin right now tell the little b–tch whatever.”

The television personality wrote in her Instagram caption on Monday, “🤪 Miss y’all and thanks for all the love and support. #Pressure.”

Her song was declared quite a bop with fans.

“Yess Tommie this is a hit shxt okay sis!”

“Favorite person right now downloading this song as week speak!”

Many of Lee’s supporters also rooted for her to stay on the right track in hopes for her music career.

“This is fire Tommie no lie but we just need you to stay consistent & you’d be the hardest out !”

“If only she could stay out of jail and she’d be one of the best in this rap shxt. Big facts .”

“Wish she’d put more energy into getting herself well for she can kill this music game.”

“Se would be the bomb and rise if she stay out of trouble much love tommie .”

As of now Lee is currently sitting behind bars due to her bond violation last month. She has agreed to enroll into a mental health program, according to TMZ, and apparently is seeking treatment. Before she was indicted on multiple charges of child abuse in January, she was said to have been diagnosed with some sort of serious mental illness. The news source doesn’t specify what the illness is.

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