Joe Budden‘s attempt at deeming baby Lexington his lookalike was quickly shut down by fans who said his son has Cyn Santana‘s whole face.

Budden and Santana are the most talked about couple right now on “Love and Hip Hop” after appearing on the season premiere this past Monday. The pair have been together since 2016 and are allegedly engaged. They also welcomed their adorable baby boy last year in December 15.

The proud parents have posted several photos of baby Lex all over social media, causing a debate among fans. Budden took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared a sweet photo of himself and his 11-month-old. In prior captions, he’s seemingly declared his son as his lookalike. In another photo he wrote, “My babies.”

Joe Budden
photo credit: Joe B. with his son Lexington

Fans, on the other hand, said the toddler resembles his mother and “pretty much has Cyn’s whole face.”

“He is too cute awwww look at his lil face . Man he looks just like Cyn.”

“You Had no part him ! @cynsantana Spit this baby RIGHT OUT.”

“He pretty much has Cyn’s whole face but he definitely has your ears.”

“Little man was the HIGHLIGHT of love and hip hop  He’s his mama twin.”

“My pookie toot!!!! Lexie pooh!!! He’s gorgeous butt! Look at that face and those sweet lil toes  he looks just like Cyn omg!”

“So disrespectful to the father🤦‍♂️ Baby Boy look like you too fam ! But he got Cyn’s whole face!”

“His Mommy spit him out that’s def her twin he’s so cute !”

Rumors have been flying that Budden allegedly proposed to Santana. The model was seen wearing a pretty hefty rock on her left-hand ring finger in one of her recent Instagram photos. However, the couple have yet to confirm or deny the rumors.

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