Ayesha Curry hot date night with her husband Steph Curry almost didn’t happen after daughter Ryan tried to hold her back.

Ayesha Curry

On Wednesday, Ayesha shared a photo dressed in a blue and black Versace blouse with black jeans and little Ryan gripping her leg.  In the caption, she wrote, “My Ryan says NO date night LOL I almost stayed home.”

Fans laughed at Riley’s attempt, and sympathize with Ayesha’s decision.

“lol she wants mum around”

“this is meeee, but probably would’ve stayed home.”

“I know that moment and that feeling”

Some fans even asked for advice for their own lives in leaving their kids to go on a date.

“How do you find time for date night? My hubby and I are busy professionals and have three kids as well. It’s so hard to find time!”

Curry’s fans know how she values family time. Back in August, she shared a picture on Instagram hanging with her third child Canon. In her caption, she wrote, “Soaking up allllll the moments with my little man. There’s just not enough time in the day for all the cuddles and kisses I need to cover him with. Between the pumping, nursing and diaper changes of course. LOL.” Fans left comments like, “Oh my gosh — he’s precious + you’re perfect! Killin’ it mama if you need pelvic floor help, lemme knowww.

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