Tamar Braxton shared a video of how a medical condition has affected her feet and a few fans lent some sympathy while others opted to mock her instead.

The singer had been visiting Atlanta Friday, March 22 and was enjoying the dining options the southern city had to offer. Perhaps she was enjoying it too much, however, because it appears that gobbling up some lemon pepper wings resulted in what she called
“#saltgout” swelling up her feet.

“This is the result of me being in Atlanta,” Braxton explains in the video as she focuses the camera on her feet. “I can’t even walk my feet are so swollen. All y’all from California know what I’m talking about. I can’t come here because it’s gon’ kill me. I can’t even walk. It look like I got the gout on my feet. Every time I come.”

“Jesus be a water pill #saltgout save me from #lemonpepper city I’m ready to go HOME!!” she wrote in the video caption.

A few caring followers offered up suggestions for what Braxton can do to alleviate her condition, which is characterized by a buildup of fluid that causes sudden swelling, severe pain and tenderness in joints.

“You need to eat vegan. Tesselis is one spot but there are so many! I don’t eat salt.”

“Try some Apple cider vinegar with ‘the Mother’ in it.”

“Awwww babyyy let me rub them for you @tamarbraxton.”

And pal Kandi Burruss told Braxton not to put her un-walkable feet on her hometown.

“Stop it… you chose to eat what you ate. Don’t blame Atl ,” she commented to which many fans agreed.

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Others focused on Braxton’s toenail polish, which they mistook for a medical issue with her nails.

“Omg those toenails scared me until I noticed it was polish lol.”

“Ewww them shits is ugly 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤮

“Damn them are some man feet Hook them nails up with all the money you got.”

“Sis, those toes need a new cut and a new color @adriieeanna @jacquietheartist In Jesus name!”

Braxton has discussed her issue with her feet swelling before. In July 2018, the star wondered if she had gout.

“Why does my feet constantly look like I got the gout?” she said in the Instagram video. “Why don’t nobody love me enough to tell me, ‘Girl, go get your feet checked, you got the gout?’ That’s awful. I ain’t speaking it on my life but it sho look like it.”

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