Feeling Different: Research Links Self-Perception In Office to Success

Feeling like an outcast in the office can be both a drain to one’s emotions and one’s career. Oftentimes, office culture can play a major role in one’s professional advancement, and sometimes if the fit just isn’t right, productivity and morality can tank.

But even beyond reality, the perception that one is an outsider can also lead to issues in the workplace that are detrimental to professional growth. According to recent Catalyst research, feeling like an outcast can result in unique disadvantages in the workplace. This includes the following:

—Less likely to have high-level mentors

—Less likely to receive promotions

—More likely to downsize aspirations

In combating this, experts say managers and employers should create an environment of diversity and inclusion, and that employees should make efforts to interact with their peers, socialize and find advocacy and resources

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