Financial Lessons From Season Six of Real Housewives of Atlanta

real housewives of atlanta season 6


From MadameNoire:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are half way through their sixth season and NeNe and the ladies are keeping their fans entertained.

Madame Noire know thats that there is more to the show than just the drama so here are a few financial lessons you can learn from this season of the show.

Keep Your Dependents in Check

Isn’t it funny when you support someone financially that they think they are entitled to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with your life? Sorry Mama Joyce, but you have stepped out of line plenty of times throughout this season showing us colors we didn’t know you had in your closet.

One of the biggest dilemmas this season has been the tug of war (well, it’s mostly one-sided) between Kandi, her mother and fiancè Todd. While it’s one thing to want the best for your daughter, it’s a completely different story to go out of your way to destroy a relationship and talk about a man being an opportunist, especially when from what we see, your daughter is the one who seems to be footing many of your bills. Don’t bite the hand that helps to financially feed you.

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