a wrinkle in time
Variety speculates “A Wrinkle In Time” may be able to dethrone “Black Panther” due to its spring break release date. (Disney/Marvel)

On the heels of “Black Panther” another Black-led film is gearing up for release and a recent Variety article ponders if fellow fantasy film “A Wrinkle In Time” can take over the top spot at the box office.

While the story breaks down the factors that could fuel the Ava DuVernay-directed film to open at no. 1 Friday, March 9, many have taken issue with it being pitted against another Black film.

“So… #RedSparrow’s a star-studded, big-budget, heavily promoted action film that comes out a full week before #AWrinkleInTime, a ‘diverse’ fantasy film starring kids, but the latter’s the film you pit against #BlackPanther? One wonders why… 🤔 (We know why. ) #dontBSyourself,” one person responded.

“Or why not Tomb Raider🤔,” someone else offered. “Their racial bias is showing Ava & Ryan supported each other at the Disney lot 🤦‍♀️.”

“Why does one have to ‘dethrone’ the other? Two movies produced and directed by Black people can thrive together,” said another Twitter user. “Blackness does not compete, it was built to thrive WITH the next Black person, not AGAINST.”

It even ignited a few debates among users.


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