Love and Hip Hop” viewers dragged Kimbella Vanderhee for blaming the justice system as the reason Juelz Santana could be facing jail time.

Vanderhee was an emotional wreck during last night’s episode after Santana was forced to stay in a different household than she and their children due to being on house arrest. In August, the “Dipset” rapper was convicted of carrying a firearm on an aircraft. Authorities found a gun inside of his luggage at the airport and Santana then left the area and turned himself in three days later according to the New York Daily News.

Santana explained on “LHH” that if he takes a plea deal, he could face 18 months in prison, but if he goes to trial and loses then he could get up to 10 years maximum in the slammer. He proclaimed his innocence on the show and seemingly hinted to being set up by a whistle-blower.

Kimbella Vanderhee
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Vanderhee believed her long-time partner was innocent and did not commit the crime. She complained that the justice system was a ploy to divide Black families and is the reason for Santana will be kept away from their children.

“The system doesn’t want to see Black families win,” said Vanderhee.

However, “LHH” fans blasted Vanderhee for not holding Santana accountable for his apparent illegal actions instead of blaming the judicial system.

“Ummm homegirl, your man had a whole gun in the airport , don’t bring the culture into this… #LHHNY.”

And while her point is accurate and valid for a lot of Black and brown folks, it does not apply in their case and that’s that on that 🤨.”

Juelz, Kimbella and Yandy need to chill with the “This is what happens to Black families in America”. Mendecees sold drugs and Juelz took a gun to an airport. Boy if you don’t get your ass to jail  and do the time for you crime.”

Kimbella girl…Juelz had a whole gun in his luggage, don’t blame the system girl

“I’m all for speaking out against injustice esp in regard to criminal reform. But Kimbella, ain’t nobody tryna keep yal down . Ya dude had a gun & tried to go thru tsa & fled the scene. Juelz tryna keep yal down, not the system.”

Vanderhee and Santana recently got engaged on November 24. The couple share two children together and have been together for nine years.

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