Officials have released additional details regarding a shootout between an armed murder suspect and San Francisco police earlier this month.

During town hall meeting Tuesday, authorities identified the seven officers who opened fire on 31-year-old Joel Armstrong, who’s accused of committing a murder just hours before his gun battle with police on Feb. 17, according to Mercury News. Officers fired about 65 shots within 15 seconds at Armstrong, who allegedly fired only twice from inside a parked RV.

Neither Armstrong or any of the responding officers were injured in the shooting.

Police Cmdr. Greg McEachern seemingly tried to save face regarding the incident, arguing that each shooting is unique and that as a result of the failed takedown, the officer’s tactics will be reviewed and possibly changed altogether.

The turbulent series of events unfolded Feb. 16 after Armstong reportedly shot and killed one man and injured another around 6:20 p.m., Mercury News reported. After the shooting, he reportedly used a firearm to carjack a vehicle on a nearby street.

Police were able to locate the stolen vehicle the next day, but it was unoccupied. That’s when authorities said they saw Armstrong inside an RV parked in front of the carjacked car. Officers ordered everyone out of the vehicle, after which three people and a dog came out. Armstrong refused, however, despite repeated commands.

The suspect fired two shots at officers as he hunkered down inside the RV, to which police responded with their own gunfire. Armstrong finally surrendered two hours later, according to the newspaper.

Police said they found a 9mm gun inside the RV.

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