Friend To The End: Aaron Hernandez Gets Support From Deion Branch

The New England Patriots have punished Aaron Hernandez for being accused of murder. They have ousted him from their organization, website, and from any other dealings with the team.

The Pat’s franchise even went as far as to allow fans who own Hernandez jerseys  to exchange them for other Patriots’ jerseys — free of charge.

What if Hernandez is innocent? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  The New England team shows complete disengagement from the player, and offers him   no support at all.

Most of his former teammates have also disassociated themselves from Hernandez,  but ex-Patriots all-star wide receiver Deion Branch told the Albany Herald he stands  behind his friend and he isn’t going to abandoned him like others.

Hernandez, who is accused of killing 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail.

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