Brittni Mealy said she’s done with Future and will never be with him again. It’s something she wrote on Instagram after the rapper took her to Joie Chavis‘ baby shower and got slammed for it.

Future is having a child with Chavis and already has a son with Mealy, so many thought it was insane that Mealy went to the shower and supported him. But clearly those days are over.

Brittni Mealy broke up with Future and the rapper responded

“I appreciate y’all stop tagging me and associating me with my son’s father and whatever he got going on,” wrote Mealy. “Let me make things crystal clear, I am not with him in no way and never will be again. I did my best and always loved unconditionally and been the sweetest girl I could be, even when I knew he didn’t deserve it.”

Mealy also said she ignored being called foolish after she re-united with Future.

“This whole world calls me dumb, stupid, whatever but who cares?” she wrote. “I have a genuine, unconditional, loving, forgiving heart. I am not mad, bitter, none of that. I left and finally begin to realize my worth (long overdue).”

Mealy closed her message by stating she’s never been a gold digger, as some said, and anytime she’s been seen with Future it’s because he begged her to be in his life.

Eventually, the Freebandz leader responded to all of this and seemed to be sarcastic.

“I’m so proud of you,” said Future with a smile on his face. “Okay. Don’t stop the show. We never have.”

You can see his response below.

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