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Actor Lakeith Stanfield shared a now-deleted video on Instagram discussing a conversation he had with a white actress about race and “Black Panther.” He said the actress said she felt guilty about past injustices that happened to Black people at the hands of white people. Stanfield said he replied, “No, you feel guilty because you feel the fact that you benefit from some of those things.” He continued, “you shouldn’t feel guilty about sh*t because, what your ancestors did had nothing to do with you. But you should recognize that you benefit from a society that values light skin and says dark skin ain’t sh*t.” Stanfield closes saying that Black folks just want to be left alone so we can, “build a Wakanda.”

Stanfield has been featured in films and shows that highlight the issues of race in America like, “Get Out”, “Straight Out of Compton”,  and TV series “Atlanta”.

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