Gloria Govan Says Regardless of Child Support Reduction Matt Barnes Reportedly Still Owes Her Over $23,000

A California judge lowered Matt Barnes‘ child support payments to ex-wife Gloria Govan from $20,000 a month to $7,500 last year, but that didn’t end the disputes between the former couple.

According to reports, Govan said Barnes still owes her $23,750 in support. Additionally, the former NBA star hasn’t lived up to his side of the custody agreement, where he’s supposed to have his twins Carter and Isaiah most of the time.

Gloria Govan said Matt Barnes owes her $23,000 in child support.

Barnes is supposed to keep the boys 71 percent of the time to Govan’s 29 percent, but in the last few months, she claimed they were with her for more than half. Govan is accusing Barnes of pulling a fast one since the reduction in support payments were related to the new custody agreement.

“The Basketball Wives” star also claimed that Barnes didn’t pay her anything in November or December 2018 and only gave her $3,750 in January, and all of the missed payments equate to the $23,750.

Barnes hasn’t addressed the report on social media or the topic of child support like he did in November when he said some women use support on themselves. Instead, he’s been posting photos of the twins and the new son he had with Anansa Sims, daughter of the model Beverly Johnson. Ashton was born on Dec. 7, 2018.

In fact, on Monday (Jan. 28), Barnes uploaded a side by side photo of himself and Ashton to show how much they look alike, and a lot people said they’re identical.

“Spitting image,” someone wrote in the comments. “All your boys look like you.”

Govan and Barnes are expected back in court next month.

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