By Gina B.

Having worked in the consulting industry, I find myself spewing annoying business-speak as it applies to my social life. One of those phrases is “value added,” which means going the extra mile to far exceed expectations. So … to apply this concept to relationships, I’ve decided that most people don’t add value to their relationships.

Are we afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to pleasing our significant others? Do we take each other for granted, or are we content to do just enough to avoid getting fired?

In a relationship, adding value, or going the extra mile is doing something nice for our significant other that we don’t have to do – but we do it solely because we know it will make him/her happy. If we care about someone, we should want to show it, and make him/her feel special.

For example … guys, let’s say you go to your girlfriend’s house for dinner and she nonchalantly greets you at the door in cut-off shorts and a tank top, and goes into the kitchen where she hands you a plate of delivered pizza.

Granted, she looks great in shorts and pizza is your favorite, but what if, instead, she met you at the door in a sexy dress and guided you to a candlelit room where she unveiled an elaborate home-cooked meal?

Wouldn’t it feel good to know that she made such an effort just for you?

Adding value doesn’t have to be high maintenance or expensive. Something as effortless as running her bathwater, bringing her a cup of coffee with her perfect blend of cream and sugar, or letting him sleep in when you know he’s tired can win big points.

Whoever coined the cliché “the little things mean a lot” really knew what they were talking about.

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