Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae Invests in Audio Mixing Company MXD

The hip-hop world continues to get technical. According to The Source, gospel hip-hop artist Lecrae Devaughn Moore has invested in an audio mixing company.

The artist/businessman has invested in a company called MXD. MXD was started by Jacob “Biz” Morris, a Grammy Award-winning engineer and audio mixer. MXD allows independent artists, A&Rs, producers, podcasters, film composers, and just about any other type of creator to upload their tracks to the website and through a variety of costs and services, receive a professionally mixed recording in 48 hours or less. The price of the lowest package for a single track costs just $95.

“We’re in a time in history where technology is providing solutions for nearly every field. The entertainment world needs these solutions and I’m committed to making sure they are affordable and accessible,” says Lecrae, as quoted on Gospel Music Association’s website.

“Before MXD my inbox was flooded with requests for services, but at rates I couldn’t commit to,” explains Morris. He shared the number of direct messages and emails requesting audio engineering services with Lecrae, who introduced him to Oust founder Dan Duncan to help create a solution. Through the Oust Labs Accelerator and startup studio program, Morris went from ideation to execution within three months. Morris says Oust’s support has been instrumental in launching his brand. “Their team pushes the boundaries on creativity,” he said. ”Oust’s branding is amazing and the team is phenomenal!”

“Building a record label from the ground up has given me a deeper appreciation for what it takes to put out your music independently,” explains Lecrae. “Although I’m now partnered with a major label, I started out as an indie artist and still run an independent label. I wish technology like MXD was available when I started out.”

Lecrae is the president, co-owner, and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records. Lecrae has received nominations for Artist of the Year at the 43rd, 44th, 45th, and won the award at the 46th GMA Dove Awards. He was also nominated for a BET Award for Best Gospel Artist in 2013 and in 2015, became the first hip-hop artist to win that award.

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