Grammy Nominated Singer Provides Her Tech Tips for Recording Artists

Carolyn Malachi
Carolyn Malachi is an independent, Grammy-nominated artist and the great-granddaughter of Jazz pianist John Malachi.

Carolyn Malachi blends Jazz, Hip Hop, Spoken Word and lots of imagination into a style Giant Step calls “delicate, refreshing [and] smooth”. She champions global access to education with e-textbook provider Chegg and The School Fund. In 2013, the artist whom MTV calls “one of five R&B artists to obsess over” released a full-length album, GOLD.

Read her tips here for recording artists to keep everything in order and current.

1. Defy reality. Remember everything.

Short-term memory overload is real. Blame the internet, then break in a new app: Evernote. Use Evernote products to retain and manage your inspiration. Organize text, photos and audio notes. Collaborate with creative partners by sharing notebooks. Synchronize notes across devices. Never forget another song, lyric or melody.

2. Show and Sell

Google wants you to share your passion with people around the world through Helpouts. Teach anyone, virtually anywhere. Charge a fixed price per Helpout, or set a per-minute rate. Helpouts’ live video chats work on desktop and mobile devices. Request an invitation code to get started.

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3. Swim With the Cryptocurrent

Someone bought a Tesla with the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Bitcoins are transferred from person to person through the internet. Without a middleman, the transactions are relatively fee-free and without limits. Set up a wallet through Coinbase or BitPay. When fans or clients offer to pay you with it – they will, because Bitcoin is for cool people, and fans are cool people – be ready.

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