Growing Up Hip Hop” actress Briana Latrise Isaacs, the daughter of Mary J. Blige‘s ex-husband Kendu Issacs, had an anxiety attack during the show’s latest episode and imploded on the entire camera crew.

The “GUHH” cast has already been worried about Briana, 32, due to her erratic behavior a few episodes ago, now it appears that things have took a turn for much worse.

During Thursday night’s episode 20, the reality star confessed to her co-star Boogie Dash that her excessive drinking has been the cause of her non-normal behavior, but Dash felt there was more to it. In his confessional, the aspiring musician explained that Briana has a hard time dealing with “real life” and “reality television” by “drinking or doing drugs.”

Briana Latrise
Briana Latrise. (We TV Screengrab)

When Dash asked the 32-year-old if she was OK, she replied, “No, I’m not f—— OK.”

Briana held a birthday celebration later on that evening, which turned out to be a complete disaster. As her family and friends waited for her arrival at her birthday dinner, she was locked inside her car having a panic attack. When Jo Jo Simmons tried to check on her, she snapped on him and told him to leave her the “f— alone.”

Moments later, she exited the vehicle but completely spazzed on the camera crew, telling them to get the cameras out of her “f—— face.” She eventually calmed down after angrily storming into her birthday dinner. However, her chilled demeanor didn’t last long.

As Simmons tried to explain to Briana, that he was only trying to make sure she was “good,” but Briana accused him of “setting her up with the bull—-,” insinuating that he and the camera crew were purposely trying to antagonize her.

Briana Latrise
Briana Latrise. (We TV Screengrab)

Eric Wright Jr., the son of late rapper Eazy-E, interjected himself into conversation and defended Simmons. The exchange between him and Briana quickly became heated, and it led to her throwing a cup of alcohol in his face when he refused to leave her celebration.

Wright was eventually removed from her birthday celebration, but Twitters users were furious over Briana’s explosive behavior.

“Glade…..Lil’ Eazy….Was Raised Right….Because she was Dead Wrong for that….Ole’ TrashBox !”

“She is sooooo disrespectful !!!!!!! Can they please get her off the show already????! It’s one thing to have drama but she’s just TOXIC!”

“I was rooting for you Bri omgggg… but that ish right there not cool .”

Other fans defended the reality actress and told people to take it easy on her.

“Ya’ll don’t blame Briana she needs serious mental help .”

“Don’t blame Briana blame her family 🤦‍♀️.”

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