Halle Berry’s engagement ring details are in and it’s something special. Imagine an engagement ring with an inscription only you can read?! Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez pulled out all the stops. The ring is a 4-carat emerald that “symbolizes the couple’s story,” says the jeweler Robert Mazlo to People.
It is “a one-of-a-kind piece and cannot be replaced.” Why you may ask?

Because the ring is from “closed-down mines in Muzo, Colombia and it’s textured and contains codes and symbols which you cannot see … only the person wearing it can.”

So when will Halle Berry tie the knot? “Not yet finalized,” revealed a source before adding to US Weekly that there’s a “very good chance it would be in Paris. It will be first time round for Olivier . . . he would love it to be in his home city — the city he knows and loves.”

See more pictures of Halle Berry’s engagement ring!

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