Health: The New Wealth

Nothing is more valuable than good health. There is no price tag you can put on it and no amount of money that can fix it if it’s deteriorated. Maintaining good health is priceless and is, also, a considerable portion of our wealth.

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How are health and wealth related? Here are a few examples of how our choices can impact our health, the new wealth.

Don’t Stress

Stress can be a major contributor to health problems over the long term. It has been tied to the onset of chronic illness such as heart disease and hypertension. Therefore if you are consistently stressing over your finances you are simultaneously impacting your health negatively, no matter how much you jog or how many laps you can swim. Implementing improvements to your fitness regime and your financial picture will positively affect your health, reduce stress levels, and increase your confidence regarding your financial future.

Curb Eating Out

Not only is fast food loaded with empty calories, it’s also full of fat and sodium.  Restaurants may not tip the obesity scale as much as fast food, but they do a great job draining your wallet. By planning meals in advance, going grocery shopping, and cooking meals at home you will save money and eat healthier, which is a win for your waistline and your wallet.

Stop Smoking

Don’t let your savings go up in smoke. Rutgers University did a campaign called Small Steps to Heath and Wealth, that showed by cutting out half a pack of cigarettes a day and saving the difference, you would have $25,000 in 20 years if you earned a return of only 5%.Additionally, quitting smoking reduces your chances of lung cancer and heart attack almost immediately. Smoking kills more Americans per year than HIV, drug overdoses, alcohol, car crashes and shootings, according to the CDC.

Give Yourself More Time

Small changes like those mentioned above can positively impact your health, wellness, well-being, and confidence in your financial future, but you also don’t want to forget to make time for those around you. Taking time alone for yourself, spending quality time with your children, grandchildren and friends improves your overall quality of life and doesn’t have to cost you a thing, which is also good for your emotional health and your bottom line.

Can you see the correlation between your wealth and your health? Are you ready to implement small changes that can extend your life and give you the resources you need to enjoy it?

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