High School Helps Dying Teen’s Biggest Dream Become a Reality

Yeatise Gaines
Image Credit: Fox17

A Michigan high student senior battling a terminal illness was granted her biggest wish just one day before her passing.

Yeatise Gaines, 17-year-old student at Kalamazoo Central High School, dreamed of graduating high school and remained focused and dedicated to her school work even while battling cancer that affected her bones and muscles.

Thankfully, all of her work didn’t go unnoticed. When her high school got word that Gaines was back in the hospital, school administrators didn’t hesitate to bring a cap, gown and certificate of completion to the hospital to help celebrate her accomplishments with her family. School principal Valerie Boggan said the celebration was a time to honor a young girl who worked hard to complete a dream.

“It meant the world to her,” Gaines sister Ava tells Fox. “Even if it wasn’t the normal, it was still really important to her.”


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