How Female Business Owners Can Start Creating a Network of Mentors

WOMANCON Celebrates Women's Entrepreneurship September 25th Event Addresses New Ways Women Learn, Do Business & Build RelationshipsFrom Huffington Post

Over the last few decades, women have made serious headway in the business world. In fact, women now run more than half of all small businesses in the United States. This rate of ownership, however, falls once the business has more than four employees as only one-third of businesses with five or more employees are owned by women.

Back in 2006, the Center for Women’s Business Research told Businessweek that it was actually more common for women to run home-based businesses part-time, rather than traditional businesses, so they can stay close to their families. And while that is a perfectly fine option, women unfortunately do not have the same network of mentors that men do when it comes to entrepreneurship.

For tomorrow’s entrepreneurs especially, this makes finding a female mentor even more difficult because there aren’t enough women working as heads of major companies. Lacking guidance, many would-be entrepreneurs can feel discouraged about how far up to the glass ceiling they’ll be able to climb, so it’s up to us women that run successful businesses to make ourselves available as mentors in the following ways.

Another way Women Business Owners can start creating a network of Mentors is by attending trade shows and conferences such as the Black Enterprise Woman of Power Conference.

The 2014 Women of Power Summit will be held at the Boca Raton Resort and Club in Boca Raton, Florida, from February 26 through March 1.

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