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Staying in contact with people is hard enough, but it’s even more difficult when they’re people met through networking events. Shooting an email is great, but what then?

How do you keep in contact with them, and how do you improve the relationship between you and your new friend when your schedule is already jam-packed?

TinyBlu, a webapp developed by computer scientist Constantin Berzan, helps you manage the people in your life you need to stay in contact with. It basically creates a progress bar for each of your contacts, and keeping it low is the goal.

TinyBlu makes each person you add a “lifeline” that needs attention based on the intervals you set. When you update the lifeline, presumably after you got in contact with them, TinyBlu will prompt you to ask what you did and when, helping you keep track of things you discussed or plans made.

TinyBlu will even send you an alert whenever you pass the grace period for contacting one of your lifelines, making sure you get in contact with your dentist, new partner, or mom, before they realize they haven’t heard from you in a while.

The best part? TinyBlu doesn’t need to plug into any of your social media profiles, meaning you can control it completely without it asking to connect or spam you.

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