On March 31, 2018, a video surfaced that showed Fabolous threatening his girlfriend and mother of his two children, Emily B.

The incident took place in front of their New Jersey home, and the clip also showed Fabolous having a vicious argument with Emily’s father, while he held a pair of scissors in his hand.

Fabolous (left) broke his silence on the video that showed him threatening his girlfriend Emily B (right). (Photo: Brian Stukes/WireImage via Getty Images)

It’s something the Brooklyn rapper has never gone into detail about, at least not until he stopped by Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” on Wednesday.

Besides Fabolous being seen in that much-talked-about video, he was also accused of punching Emily in the face repeatedly and knocking out two of her front teeth.

He was arrested on March 29 and was charged with one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, two counts of threatening to kill and one count of possession of a weapon for brandishing the scissors.

But the 42-year-old eventually struck a plea deal in a Bergen County, New Jersey, court and entered a pretrial intervention program, which kept him out of prison.

Ebro brought up the charges and the disturbing video fairly early in the interview, and Fabolous said it was difficult having his personal life discussed by the public.

“I’m more into myself with my family and my personal life is usually handled inside, it’s not usually public, with opinions, comments, family members involved, them reacting to everything,” he explained around the 7:22 mark of the interview.

“There are going to be some speculations. … But the clarity that I was looking for was inside more than anything,” added Fabolous. “Because that’s the people that I’m dealing with everyday. Those are the people that I love, that I want to make sure they are clear on what’s going on. I didn’t focus on what’s going on the outside.”

Fabolous was then asked about the video specifically, and he said the argument between himself and Emily was due to ongoing tensions and other household issues.

“Looking at the video is different from being inside of it,” he stated. “From the video point it looks crazy. I’m not trying to excuse myself, it was really more of, like, an internal thing with us going through the motion of what was happening, our emotions and a lot of things that was building up with our relationship and our family.”

“It wasn’t about the video or who put out the video,” added the Def Jam artist. “It was more just about us getting back to the place that we need to be.”

Shortly after the leaked video made the internet rounds, some said Fabolous should be canceled, and people like Amanda Seales slammed those who continued to support him.

“I apologize for coming across in the light I wouldn’t want to be represented in,” Fabolous told the Hot 97 hosts. “I don’t know anything else. People make their opinions. All I can I do is apologize for being in a light that’s not showing my best self.”

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