During last week’s season 8 premiere of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” fans were introduced to new cast mate Pooh Hicks, who made quite an appearance on the show.

Hicks’ bluntness about her and her husband’s past sex escapades threw fans for a loop especially after she claimed her cast mate Karlie Red partook in a few of them. However, Redd denied Pooh’s accusations, eventually leading to a heated verbal altercation between them on the dramatic episode March 25.

Karlie Redd
Pooh Hicks (left) and Karlie Redd (right). (screen grabs via VH1)

Fast-forward to a sneak peek from the April 1 episode and Pooh apparently still felt some type of way that Redd denied having a threesome with her and her husband.

“Karlie done f–ked up, she lost her damn mind,” Pooh told her husband during the scene. “We’ve been hanging out with her damn there every New Year’s Eve together … Yeah we go way back, but she done told lies. … trying to get me and all the girls to fall out. … No one like her for real, everybody just be faking it with her.”

However her husband, former Def Jam President Hiram Hicks was more concerned about his wife fulfilling his sexual desires other than hearing about Redd. He told Pooh he was trying to get “in the mood.”

Pooh Hicks
Pooh Hicks and her husband “getting in the mood.” (@loveandhiphop screengrab/Instagram)

Pooh granted her husband’s wishes by doing the unthinkable, leaving social media dumbstruck. The reality star pulled out a can of whip cream, sprayed it on her husband’s big toe and sucked it clean off. She also pulled out a pair of metal handcuffs to use on her husband.

“LHHATLA” viewers were flabbergasted by what they just watched and seemingly at a loss for words besides “ew.”

“Wait a gottdamn minute did she just suck his toe 🤢? Awwww hell no!”

“I think I just threw up in my mouth 🤮🤢🤢 no the f–k she did not just put whip cream on his toe and suck it i’m speechless.”

“Wait she did not just lick his feet 🤮 I’m disgusted! I think I just puked a little in my mouth.”

“Nope nope don’t want it..eeww. Gross I don’t like this one…she seems ‘off’ to me.”

Other fans were here for Pooh’s “freak” level.

“This why her and karlie was friend they both kinky as hell and messy .. I’m low key here for it !”

“I love that freaky s–t. Ion know about that toes shit bae would need a pedi first.”


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