I Just Want to be Successful: 4 Signs It’s Time to Look for Another Job

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Drake’s broken numerous music records, collaborated with hip hop’s finest and has even surpassed rap icon Jay-Z for the most No. 1 singles on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts. While the Grammy-nominated rapper and YMCMB loyalist is still signed to the label (and will likely release his next album through Lil’ Tunechi and Co.,) his recent move inking an imprint deal with Warner Bros. shows he’s taking his career to the next level. Some may even wonder whether this will lead to a gradual exit from YMCMB.

Making the decision to take the next step in your career, from leaving your job to expanding your professional brand, can seem scary, especially in the current economy. However, change and advancement is always necessary. Here are 4 signs it’s time that you step your game up and look to broaden your horizons.

Overlooked for a promotion: If you work hard and benefit the company you work for, yet see no signs of advancement, it may be time to move on. Maybe you’re being paid significantly less than you deserve, or you’ve trained coworkers who have received promotions over you. In those cases, it can be hard to put in the extra effort to really excel, and sometimes not even worth your while at that company.

Dreading the thought of going to work: If your Sunday nights are filled with dread at the thought of going to work the next day, this could be a sign that your job isn’t meeting your needs—financially or emotionally. If you find that our Sunday night blues are unshakable, it will affect your performance negatively in the long run—never a good look when trying to position yourself for the next career move.

Bored: For some people, easy and predictable work is preferred. They clock in, complete their daily tasks and clock out. If you find yourself idle or craving more out of your job, it’s time to look for a more challenging and stimulating gig. You may be overqualified for your position or in the wrong field completely.

Feeling like an outsider: Do you feel invisible at department meetings? Does your personality simply not mesh with others? Does the culture really turn you off? These may be indications you belong somewhere else.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your professional life, then it may be time to consider looking for another job— one that allows your work to be worthwhile and that provides an environment that you are comfortable with.

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