It seems the fans of Steve and Marjorie Harvey have let out a collective sigh, because after there were rumors the couple was splitting, they appeared in new photos together. And many have taken the new pics as confirmation that the couple is solid as ever.

One rumor in particular was the Harveys were splitting because Marjorie was seen without her wedding ring last month when she visited the Trona Pinnacles. She was traveling with her friend Deborah Martin at the time, and her naked finger sent a lot of folks into a tizzy. People said they’d be praying for the couple, and they expressed great concern.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey posted new photos, which could shut down divorce rumors. (Photo: Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

And in a Oct. 7 Instagram photo, Steve was seen without his wedding ring when he shared a picture of himself and grandson Noah, which also had people up in arms.

Plus, last year, divorce rumors surfaced after it was said Steve was getting too close to the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner.

There was also word that to prepare for divorce, Steve was planning to sell a Texas property that he shared with his wife, and he transferred ownership into his name only, although the report did not make it clear how such a transfer could be made without his wife’s cooperation.

In May, the couple released a playful skit where they responded to the divorce rumors, but that hasn’t seemed to quell the chatter completely. And that was easy to tell by the comments left under the new photos.

In one of them, Marjorie poses with her husband and sports a short orange dress, while Steve wears some blue and white pants with a white jacket.

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They also posed for another photo with veteran New York rapper Doug E. Fresh, and people were thrilled to see the couple together.

“Love it !! Black love .. I’m glad the rumors out here are not true … wonder why folks can’t be happy for each other 🤷‍♀️ ,” someone wrote.

“They still together ,” another person commented.

And there was one person who said she was hesitant to believe the divorce rumors but was glad the photos were posted anyway.

“Steve Harvey I really really love you and your wife. You and your wife are a beautiful couple,” someone commented. “There was so much rumors going around saying that y’all was going to divorce but I didn’t believe that because you loved her very much and I know she love you.”

The Harveys celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary back in June, and they have a blended family.

Marjorie is the comic’s third wife, as he was married to Marcia Harvey from 1980-1994 and Mary Lee Harvey from 1996-2005. He then married his current wife two years after that.

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