In Case You Missed It: Prepare For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But just in case you need a last-minute gift, advice on how to save money while still impressing your boo, or perhaps, a good laugh, then we’ve got you covered! Here’s a roundup of some of the best Valentine’s themed content published here on Black Enterprise and around the web.

The #BuyBlack for Bae Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


BE is here to help you celebrate love while staying conscious and true to the community


M. Boutique


10 different Valentine’s Day gift ideas to treat your partner with a great product or service that happens to be black-owned. (Click here to read more.)




For Valentine’s Day, Stop (Overspending) in the Name of Love!


The pressure is on to show you care. Before you get caught up, listen up: love is not a legitimate excuse to make irresponsible financial decisions



Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is the official holiday to celebrate love. However, because it’s a commercial holiday, it is also about spending money. (Click here to read more.)


Celebrate Valentine’s Day With 5 Black-owned Wine Brands


Five delicious wine brands from South Africa for Valentine’s Day


From rich full-bodied reds to sparkling whites, a great glass of wine sets the mood for a romantic evening. Black caught up with Wines of South Africa for the inside scoop on five perfect wines for Valentines Day. Check out their recommendations. (Click here to read more.)


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Dating Tips for Toddlers


A new dad gives dating advice to his 2-year-old that we can all use




Just in time for Valentine’s Day, YouTube star La Guardia Cross dropped a new video where he shares five dating tips with his adorable baby daughter, Amalah. Naturally, Amalah, doesn’t always agree with her father, which makes the video super cute and funny!


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Treat Yo’ Self! Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy for Yourself


Because you deserve everything.


Swap your gift cards and buy products you'll actually want.

Want something fancy for VDay? You don’t need to wait for someone to buy it for you – get it yourself! This gift guide will get you started. Happy Valentine’s Day! (Click here to read more.)

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