Is Apple Planning Two New iPhones This Year?

Apple's reportedly prepping two iPhones for launch this year, and they will have pretty big screens.

Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone. In 2013, they made a small departure from their one-phone release with the iPhone 5c, which was simply an iPhone 5 in a new plastic shell.

But could Apple be preparing two radically different-and larger-iPhones for 2014? According to ISI, the answer is yes.

ISI claims that one of the reasons iPhone users are switching to Android devices is the availability of larger-screened devices like the 5-inch Galaxy S4, or Google’s Nexus 5. So why would they return this year? ISI claims Apple is making not one, but two larger-screened iPhones.

While ISI could be speculating, they wouldn’t be the first ones to say it. The Wall Street Journal also predicts Apple will release two iPhones this year, one 4.7-inch device, and one that’s over 5 inches. Of course, these predictions were also made in 2013.

While Samsung basks in the glory if its recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5 and associated wearable devices, Apple’s remained characteristically mum on the subject of new devices.

Tim Cook promised to “double down” on secrecy about its products when he spoke at the D10 conference, so not a lot of information is available about Apple’s unannounced smartphone.

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