At least five people have been killed, 1000 rescued and hundreds of homes have been flooded since Hurricane Imelda hit Texas last week. And two rappers in Bun B as well as Trae tha Truth, both natives of the state, have pitched in to help.

According to 12 News Now, Bun and Trae teamed up with Impact Ministries in Beaumont, Texas on Saturday and handed out hot food and supplies. They also personally placed items in people’s vehicles.

Bun B (L) and Trae tha Truth (R) pitched in to help the victims of Hurricane Imelda. (Photo: Bob Levey / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images / Moses Robinson / WireImage via Getty Images)

On top of that, both rappers, along with Pastor Jay Matthews from Impact Ministries, went door to door and gave supplies to residents.

“We don’t have a lot, but whatever we have we’re here to give it to people,” said Bun during an interview.

“We’re going to take care of Texas,” Trae followed.

Reportedly, Imelda dropped 43 inches of rain in a mere three days, and Pastor Matthews said people are now in dyer need.

“It’s a great need here in the city,” he stated. “We’re here to serve. We’re here to help you … Some people have lost everything, and we’re here with them to help them rebuild.”

Starting Thursday, Bun posted a series of Instagram messages and asked others to pitch in with the relief efforts.

“Anybody wit lifted trucks or high water vehicles looking to assist @reliefgang do rescues, hit @traeabn @djmrrogers @reliefgang,” wrote the UGK rapper.

Bun also thanked the owner of a local restaurant chain who dropped off food.

“Thank you Neil Morgan, owner of @antones1962 for providing 200 sandwiches to help feed people in distress,” wrote Bun. “You have a great heart sir. @reliefgang appreciates you sir.”

Trae, meanwhile, posted a video of himself walking around a flooded street and explained why he, Bun and others pitched in to help.

“A lot of people dont understand How Serious These Disasters Are,” wrote Trae. “Thats Why We use or platform to spread awareness for those who need help.”

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