Master P has jumped head first into the noodle business via his company Rap Snacks, which he co-founded with Philadelphia businessman James Lindsay some time ago.

Rap Snacks has already gained massive popularity through its sales of potato chips and popcorn that have pictures of famous rappers on its bags.

Master P has his own noodle brand. (Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

On Monday, Master P released an Instagram video to talk about his Rap Noodles, as well as the flavor Cream Chicken Gumbo. And in the caption, he said the noodles can be cooked either on the stove or in the microwave.

“I know about noodles,” said the New Orleans native, while enjoying his product. “I grew up on noodles. Now creating my own brand. It’s nothing like this.”

“Real New Orleans flavor,” he added. “If you ain’t eating Rap Noodles, then you shouldn’t be eating noodles, ’cause this is the best of the best noodles. Those other noodle companies have nothing on us … We the King Kong of noodles.”

In October, Master P and Lindsay spoke about their Rap Snacks company on MSNBC and the importance of creating Black businesses.

“This is for our culture, this is about building an empire and this is about entrepreneurship, and I feel most important giving back to the community,” said the “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” creator.

“Also, educating our people on ownership,” he continued. “We don’t own many businesses when you talk about African-Americans. … We don’t realize we can be owners of these types of companies.”

“The snack food industry is a $550 billion industry on yearly average,” Lindsay added. “And as minorities in this country, we represent less than 1 percent. We wanted to look at being producers rather than consumers.”

Lindsay then spoke about the irony of Black folks being such large consumers in the snack food industry but having very little ownership.

“So if you go to a corner store and to any inner-city area you might have a selection of 100 different products and none of them are made by the people that are actually consuming those products everyday,” Lindsay explained.

Besides Master P, the Bay Area rapper E-40 has Beef Prime Rib flavor noodles under the Rap Snacks umbrella, and Baton Rouge native Boosie Badazz has Louisiana Hot & Spicy Chicken flavor.

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