It’s almost impossible to know what type of insecurities everyday people have, and it seems to be even harder to tell if a celebrity lacks confidence, since that person usually has some success to speak of.

Michelle Williams falls into that category, because she admitted to lacking confidence when it comes to her singing voice, which she revealed during a recent episode of “The Masked Singer.”

Michelle Williams talked about lacking confidence in her singing voice during a recent interview. (Photo: Robyn Beck / AFP via Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s show, it was revealed that the former Destiny’s Child member was the person in the butterfly costume. And during that same episode, she talked about her insecurities.

“The Masked Singer” was also the first time that Williams sang in 2019 or did anything in entertainment since saying she’d take a year off last December.

In July of 2018, the Rockford, Illinois, native checked into a mental health facility for depression. And on the show, Williams said she had thought her singing days were completely over.

“Musically, as an artist, I put the mic down,” she admitted. “[I said to myself], ‘No, I’ll just speak and mentor and just tell my story, but I won’t sing really ever again.’ [But I learned] there are people out there who do love you, who do love me, who do love what I have to offer.”

Williams also spoke to Billboard magazine in an interview that was published on Wednesday and talked more about lacking confidence in the group that included members Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

“I’ve done a lot of gospel, so I’m kind of insecure because mainstream [fans] don’t know my voice,” Williams explained. “And sometimes social media … before you get to the nice ones you have to get through a couple mean ones.”

“Apparently, I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever,” she added. “People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group and that stuck with me.”

Williams is currently in the musical “Snow White Christmas,” which runs from Dec. 13 to 22 at California’s Pasadena Civic Auditorium, and she’s taken some of her insecurities to the rehearsals.

“It’s still a struggle,” she admitted. “I’m in a theater show as we speak, and you want to make sure — I hope the people like it. That’s what we signed up for. People are buying their tickets, and you want to make sure they’re pleased, so they’ll continue to support you on the next move you do.”

“At the same time, you have to go up there and be you, not bend or conform,” added Williams. “No, do it the way God gave it to you. Be who you are.”

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