Jaden Smith Instagram account hacked? Vulgar rant towards fan Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 14-year-old son Jaden Smith denies all claims that the person behind the explicit, vulgar Instagram rant towards one of Jaden’s fans was him.

It all started when one of the Smiths’ son’s fans called another fan “fat” on the popular picture posting site Instagram. Immediately fans came to the defense of the girl pointing out that she wasn’t even fat.

That’s when Jaden Smith – or someone pretending to be the young actor – stepped in and defended the girl as well, but not in such a heroic or appropriate manner.

The account letsmakeitdotorg is indeed Jaden’s Instagram handle, but it is unclear if the account was hacked or if it was indeed a parody account that uses a similar name.

Either way the expletive-filled post called the fan a “B**** a** N***a” and demanded that “Lil A** Girls Stop Hiding Behind Your Android.” The vulgar message went on to tell the “Wanna be MSFTS” to stop “F***ing” with his fans.

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith's son Jaden denies cussing at fan on Instagram Although most users immediately assumed the “Karate Kid” actor’s account had been hacked, hundreds of people still capture screenshots of the messages before they were deleted.

Willow Smith’s brother spoke up about the incident promising that he would never say such things to anyone.

“I Would Never Say Anything Like That To Anyone Let Alone A Women I Stand For My Republic Msfts Over All,” the actor turned rapper tweeted on Monday.

Fans of the Smith family couldn’t imagine the couple allowing their son to use such vile language, and are convinced that the young man is actually quite the gentleman.

“This was 100% not him,” Smith’s rep told GossipCop.com

Meanwhile, Jaden is getting ready for his next shot on the big screen as he will be appearing in the sci-fi flick “After Earth” next year along side his famous father.


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