Jaime Harrison Launches New PAC Following Senate Race Loss in South Carolina

Jaime Harrison may have narrowly missed out on becoming South Carolina’s next U.S. Senator when he lost his challenge to Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham several weeks ago, but his work is nowhere near done. According to his website, Harrison has launched a political action committee (PAC) named “Dirt Road PAC.”

The Democrat made the announcement via his Twitter account.

Harrison has decided to continue trying to rebuild the South by launching the PAC since he was so close to unseating Graham with his movement.

He explained the mission on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

This statement was posted on Harrison’s website detailing the mission of Dirt Road PAC:

“When we started this journey to bring hope back to our politics, we knew it would be hard and it would be long. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. We started a movement, a cause that brought millions of people together on this journey for unity and the future of America.

“That journey— to heal our divisions, remind ourselves there is more that unites than divides us, that the real battles aren’t between right and left but between right and wrong, that journey, no matter how hard, must continue. That’s why today I am launching “Dirt Road PAC” to make sure the work goes on to protect democracy, elect leaders who will bring us together, and restore a belief in the promise of America.

“The mission of the “Dirt Road PAC” will begin in the Senate runoffs in Georgia, continue to the 2021 elections in Virginia, work on voter registration and build to help candidates and parties across the country in the mid term elections in 2022.

“For me, this journey started on a dirt road in rural South Carolina. To some that dirt road could be failing schools, shuttered hospitals or simply the hardships we are all facing these days. But make no mistake: While so many challenges remain, to me, we still travel on a road of possibility and promise.”

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