If you were one of the people who was waiting for JAY-Z to address Kanye West‘s ongoing support of Donald Trump, wait no more because the Roc Nation rapper has spoken.

He did it on Meek Mill‘s new song “What’s Free,” also featuring Rick Ross, off the Philly rhymer’s new “Championships” album. And before Jay’s verse was over, he referenced Ye, Trump, the red MAGA hat and other things.

JAY-Z cleared up the debate on whether he dissed Kanye West in the new song "What's Free"

“No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye / They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA / I ain’t one of these house n—-s you bought / My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours / My spou, c’mon man, my route better of course,” raps Jay.

At first, some thought the legendary rhymer was dissing Kanye, but it seems more believed the opposite and honed in on the lines that mentioned Prince and Michael Jackson.

“I don’t think Jay is taking a shot at Ye,” one listener wrote. “He’s saying he won’t be manipulated into being used by MAGA, media and others as a prop versus Ye, because he’s smarter than that.”

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for Jay to end the debate about whether he shaded the Chicago rapper or not, and he cleared everything up with one short tweet.

“The line clearly meant don’t pit me against my brothers no matter what our differences are (red hat),” he wrote. “Now go pick up Meek album. Drake and Meek on there together.”

You can check out a portion of the song below.

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