Sunday, Nov. 3, marked the one-year anniversary of the slaying of Sutton Tennyson, who was the ex-fiancé of reality star Angela Simmons. The former couple welcomed a son Sutton Jr. in 2016 and ended their engagement one year later.

Simmons posted a message about Tennyson on Sunday and wrote about how well their son is doing.

“You left us exactly a year ago today,” she wrote on Instagram. “I want to let you know your baby boy is flourishing, he’s growing. He’s everything you knew he’d be and even more. I look at him everyday….and I see you so much. You’d be so proud of him. The way I’m proud of him. He talks to me about you before bed.”

“He’s adorable Sutton. There’s so much I want to tell you,” added Simmons. “But I know you are with us everyday. I can never repay you or thank you enough for the light you have brought to my life. He’s so precious. And we miss you.” 

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Simmons’ brother JoJo Simmons also talked about Tennyson’s death during a conversation with Atlanta Black Star, and the 30-year-old said he’d always be there for him no matter what. JoJo also talked about how his sister is doing these days, one year after he was killed.

“I know it was very hard for her, still hard for her,” he explained. “She’s getting by, time has past. With time healing comes. But for me, it’s not hard being an uncle. It’s not hard to transition. There was really no transition, that’s my boy … I love SJ and whatever Angela needs me to do for SJ, she know I’m going to do it.”

Sutton was killed in southwest Atlanta inside his garage after walking away from an argument, according to reports.

A man named Michael Williams was arrested for the shooting four days later, and based on a witness account he allegedly shot Tennyson after having an argument with him over money.

Williams was charged with murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He had a preliminary hearing in November of last year and is currently behind bars awaiting trial.

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